“I’ll get some potassium for my mom’s garden.” Kim, 9 yrs

“I like the picture with the photocopier. It’s fun.” Adam, 8 yrs

“This is an excellent way to introduce kids to science. A periodic table comics – why nobody’s thought about it before?” John Miller

“These are fantastic! I’m really impressed. My husband and I have both weighed in on this and we agree that this is a must have for our son’s room. Certainly if this were to hang in his bedroom, he would remember it clearly because of the vivid pictures and because the families of elements are immediately obvious.” Laura De Decker

“Remembering how scary the periodic table looked when I first saw it in the classroom, I got a copy of your poster for my daughter. She enjoys looking at the little details in the pictures even while we’re not around. It’s a great idea and introduction to the concept. Thank you.” John Berger

“This thing should hang in every kid’s room.” Jeff Dale

“Beautiful and informative. Way to go!” Susan Moore

“I was afraid some of the pictures would be too sketchy and static, but the whole table breathes action and movement. It’s eye catching.” Helen Robinson

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