Both Carl Sagan and Richard Feynman said that the atomic theory is one of the most beautiful ways to explain the world we live in. By displaying the combination of a comics and of a periodic table poster on the wall of your kids’ room, you are giving them a chance to get familiar with the building blocks of the universe in a fun way. Once they will see the periodic table poster at school, they will relate to it as if it were a toy.

periodic table for kids

Periodic table poster with pictures and images

For children aged 3 years and up, creating an environment where they can see the real world uses of the elements sparks their curiosity. They will play with the pictures in their minds, absorb the table structure at their own pace and ask you questions.

As in a comics, the main character interacts with the elements depending on their real world use. Each element also lists its atomic number, atomic weight, name and abbreviation, a short description of its use and information on whether it is a solid, a liquid or a gas.

By ordering the Periodic Table for Kids now, you are giving your or your friend’s children one of the lenses of science. The standard poster size is 23″ x 36″ and is printed on high quality non-glossy paper. The price is $29.




Picture of bromine elementTechnetium:

Image of the element TechnetiumLead:

Picture of the element Lead

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